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Math Workout
About the author: Daniel is a top performer on various math contests such as the MATHCOUNTS and AMC. He is also a long time MathFighter and a MathFights contributor.

Hello everyone and welcome to MATHCOUNTS Workouts where we will walk through some tough MATHCOUNTS problems, give tips, and of course answer YOUR QUESTIONS!


Problem of the Week ( Jan 20- Jan 27, 2014)

Problem proposed by MathFighter mikechen

Mikechen is playing MathFights. When he is in division 10 , the expected value for the number of points he gets per game is 290 . Whenever he gets promoted to a stronger division, his expected number of points per game decreases by 20 , and whenever he gets relegated to a weaker division, his expected number of points per game increases by 20 . If the number of coins he gets every game is calculated by the formula (11-d)\cdot p , where...


5 Ways to Prepare for Mathcounts

About the author: Daniel Liu is a mathfighter that has been with us since the very beginning and as someone who has extensive experience with Mathcounts, from Chapter level up to Nationals, we have asked him to share with the community a few of the best practices when preparing for this competition.

Today let's talk about how to prepare for that one contest everyone practices for every single year: Mathcounts. We have 5 tips to cover, so buckle your seat belts, and let’s dive right in.


Once upon a time on the IMO


About the author: Tigran Sloyan is the founder of MathFights. He graduated from MIT with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and later worked at Oracle and Google.

In this episode of A Problem and I, I would like to walk you through my thought process and my emotions while solving the IMO 2006 problem number 3. Why this problem in particular? Because it is supposedly quite difficult, it is solvable without any advanced olympiad math knowledge, and because it had a big impact on my professional success.